Hell has frozen over

Only you can protect the last burning pyres of hell...

...before it gets shattered by the forces of heaven

The Story

Ages ago, Heaven, Hell, and the space in-between formed the Covenant - a pact of peace between all the realms for their own harmony and longevity after previous ages of warring and impending Armageddon. At this time, a Railway was built that spanned from the heights of Heaven to the depths of Hell. Heaven banded together under the rule of Seraph to create this Covenant. Hell banded together under an old human named Herzal who travelled the 9 rings of Hell to win the clans' support in building the rail.

Millenia later, Seraph invaded Hell, broke the Covenant, and destroyed the Pyre after a long battle with Hell (Armageddon). Now the residents of Hell have been cast out of their own home and are fighting to return. If the player loses, a traitorous, immoral Heaven will reign supreme eradicating any trace of Hell or those that lived within it.

Strategic card game

Monster Train brings a new strategic layer to roguelike deck building, with three vertical playfields to defend. Monster Train provides the ultimate complex system that offers multiple solutions for the same challenge. You can choose your own and unique strategy, and through the choices you can make, your strategy will decide your faith. Sometimes RNG throws you a unique opportunity to try that specific strategy that you were testing. That is when you can truly test your skills.

Different clans

Mix and match from the different monster clans, choose your route through hell and battle challenging foes to reclaim your infernal home.

200 cards

Utilise more than 300 cards and build your own custom deck of spells and minions to protect the different levels of your train from invaders.

Start your journey now!

The art of monster train

Drawing process of a bone dogDrawing process of the blasmith lady holding a big hammerDrawing process of a knight holding a big hammerDarwing process for a magician characterDrawing process of a chubby red dragonDrawing process of character, a book, a hammer and a compass stuck in ice

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