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The last divinity DLC

6th clan

The 6th clan has been summoned

A new clan has risen from the depths of hell to join forces with the other 5 clans. The Wurmkin Clan is led by the huge champion and uses the power of the Charged Echoes to do damage and support its troops. The Charged Echoes create buffs for the whole floor bringing a completely new gameplay mechanic to the already diverse world of Monster Train.

The Last Divinity

The clans of hell will need the support of the Wurmkin clan, as a new ominous deity interferes with the ongoing battle between the forces of heaven and hell. The Last Divinity is so huge it imposes itself over all 3 floors. Prepare yourself, as all your previous knowledge and strategy will be pushed to the limit to defeat this last divine force.

New currency

Introducing shards

With the arrival of The Last Divinity, we are introducing a whole new layer of strategy with SHARDS.

Shards are a brand new currency with which players can interact; unlike gold, you reap benefits when you GAIN shards rather than when you spend them. They also enhance the power of your enemies in battles throughout your run. Depending on how many shards you acquire, you’ll run into elite “Shard” enemies, more powerful versions of the enemies you’ve faced before.

You get the shards in the shard map nodes. Each ring has one shard map node where you can take on more shards to gain gold, artifacts, or spell upgrades, or to perform a unit synthesis.

Kill your darlings! Sacrifice a unit and fuse some of its essence into another, granting that unit bonus stats and abilities. Get ready to build your ultimate armies to battle the invading forces.

If you have 100 or more shards when you defeat Seraph, your run enters a brand new battle – The Last Divinity!

New Features

-        The 6th clan, the Wurmkin
-        Shards; the new currency on top of what you know
-        The Last Divinity end boss
-        New rare cards for Existing Clans:
One new rare unit for Hellhorned, Awoken, Stygian Guard, and Umbra; one new rare spell for Melting Remnant
-        New Concealed Caverns Events:
There are numerous new events players can trigger throughout their run that introduce new story elements in the world of Monster Train
-        New non-clan specific cards
-        10 new mutators
-        5 new expert challenges
-        3 new mastery card frames with new unlock conditions, including divine Card Mastery:
Defeating The Last Divinity gives you a Divine mastery stamp on each of your cards used in that run.